Samsung Galaxy S21 revealed by its first official image

There is no longer any doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will be presented in January 2021. Having said that, all the promotional material for the equipment will already be finalized and behold, part of it has already been revealed to the public.

Courtesy of the renowned Evan Blass, the first official image of the Samsung Galaxy S21 arrives. In it we see the front of this new top of the range, eliminating any doubts that could still persist.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 looks like a Galaxy S20 FE

This was the first thought that came to me when I saw this image of the Samsung Galaxy S21. With a screen without curved sides and a punch hole in the center, for the front camera, the similarities are striking.

Like the Galaxy S20 FE, the South Korean will opt for a more conservative ideology for the base model of its next tops. The back of the Galaxy S21 is not contemplated, but it is speculated that it should also be made of plastic.

If this was a fairly well accepted set on the Galaxy S20 FE, we don’t know if the market will react in the same way to the Galaxy S21. Everything will depend on the price at which this top of the range will reach the market.

Several rumors point to values ​​that could reach 899 dollars. If they are true, once again the Galaxy S21 should start above 900 € in Portugal.

Samsung Galaxy S21 + shouldn’t be much different

It should be noted that this image depicts only the Galaxy S21, the base model of Samsung’s new range of tops. However, the differences for the Plus model will be mainly on the physical level.

The Galaxy S21 + should arrive with a 6.7 inch screen, with the same aspect that we see in the image above. This model will also lack a curved screen, something that we should only find on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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