Samsung Galaxy S21 + shames iPhone 12 Pro Max at AnTuTu

Not too long ago, a video appeared in which we could see the Samsung Galaxy S21 + being compared to its rival iPhone 12 Pro Max. This video focused on the design of smartphones, but its follow-up wanted to test the performance of both.

For this, its author decided to run AnTuTu on both tops of the range and the results were embarrassing for Apple. The punctual difference between the Samsung Galaxy S21 + and the iPhone 12 Pro Max leaves no one indifferent.

iPhone 12 Pro Max loses by almost 200,000 points to the Galaxy S21 +

As you can see in the video above, the Samsung Galaxy S21 + managed to raise an excellent score of 634,461 points in AnTuTu. However, the case becomes more interesting when we see an iPhone 12 Pro Max 441,227 points in the same test.

It is also important to contextualize these results, revealing that the tested Galaxy S21 + model incorporates the new Snapdragon 888. For now, the potential of its counterpart with the Exynos 2100 is unknown.

Several times we affirm that one thing is a benchmark result and another is the daily use of the equipment. Still, it is quite complicated to explain this difference between these rivals in the high-end market.

In view of these results, I could not fail to review some scores that the same iPhone 12 Pro Max had also registered with AnTuTu. And as I suspected, previous tests show results far superior to those recorded in this video.

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Still, the iPhone 12 Pro Max continues to record values ​​below those obtained by the Galaxy S21 +. This leaves an excellent omen for Samsung’s next flagship, showing that it has everything to be a beast.

Samsung Galaxy S21 will be revealed on January 14

The South Korean decided to anticipate the launch of its next top of the range, precisely to combat the success of the iPhone 12. In this sense, it will be on January 14 that we will get to know the Galaxy S21 trio.

Once the equipment has been revealed, and when it reaches the market, it will be important to repeat these performance tests. These may be more reliable to gauge the real difference between the Galaxy S21 + and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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