Samsung launches revolutionary advertising for its next event! (video)

We are getting closer and closer to the next big Samsung event, which will take place on August 5th. After presenting the Galaxy Z Flip 5G yesterday, it is expected that the manufacturer will take advantage of the next event to present the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galazy Fold 2 and even the Galaxy Buds Live.

After several teasers on social media use a “liquid” that constantly changes its shape to demonstrate the versatility of new products, Samsung now brings this concept to a much higher level. A new advertising campaign from Samsung shows us a type of advertising never seen before.

Where will it be possible to watch this fantastic advertising

As you can see in the video, there is no doubt that this advertising campaign will capture the attention of all passersby, with fantastic graphics and 3D effects.

For now, it appears to be only active in the COEX building in Seoul. However, it will also be implemented in several other major cities, such as in London (Piccadilly and Waterloo), at FNAC in Madrid, Times Square in New York and at the central train station in Warsaw (Poland).

During the animation that lasts just under 30 seconds, it is possible to see references to the gaming segment, music and also to the popular S-Pen that will arrive integrated in the Galaxy Note 20. However, it is not possible to be sure if the references are made to various products, or if only to the various aspects of the new tops of range.

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Since it is possible to see the Galaxy Buds Live being presented during the event, it may be that the manufacturer has some more surprises in store for its fans.

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