Samsung wants to add more functionality to its folding hinge

Perhaps the main component of any smartphone is its hinge. It is thanks to it that the equipment’s screen folds, but what if this component could be a giant notification LED?

Apparently, Samsung thought it would be a fantastic idea to the point of patenting it. For this, the South Korean wants to add a kind of LED strip to the hinge of a forthcoming Galaxy Z Fold.

Galxy Z Fold patent
Credits: Lets Go Digital

Next Galaxy Z Fold may have a large notification LED on its hinge

In the images that illustrate Samsung’s new patent, we see an LED strip that takes up the entire hinge dimension of a possible new Galaxy Z Fold. A ribbon composed of a total of six LEDs.

The patent does not specify the purpose of this addition, but it is almost impossible not to think of it as a huge notification LED. With its size and its RGB colors, it will be possible to create patterns for various purposes.

Therefore, you could choose a certain color or pattern for a call and others for a simple notification. We don’t know if there will be room for individual customization, but if so, your imagination would be the limit.

Galaxy Z Fold patent
Credits: Lets Go Digital

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 already has a large outdoor screen with Always on Display to show you relevant information. However, it is much more discreet than an LED strip with different patterns and colors whenever you receive a notification.

The submission of this patent does not mean that Samsung will use the technology in any of its products. However, this document can be interpreted as a clue to what to expect from the next Samsung folding.

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Judging by its presentation calendar in 2020, the next folding of the South Korean should be the Galaxy Z Flip 2. Only later in the summer should the Galaxy Z Fold 3 be introduced. Will any of them come with this feature ?

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