Scientists create app to detect disease based on cough

Several months have passed and COVID-19 remains a huge threat. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, the pandemic continues to grow and even the best forecasts are not good news.

As we have mentioned, technology can help to detect the disease and can even be through a “simple” app.

COVID-19: Scientists create app to detect cough-based disease

Just cough and use the app to find out if you have COVID-19

Through Artificial Intelligence it will be possible to distinguish the sound of the cough from those infected with the coronavirus. For now the goal is to work on the detection algorithm that will later be implemented in an app.

The algorithm is being developed by Scientists from Mexico, the United States, Spain and Italy, led by a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), are building a database of thousands of coughing sounds from people of all ages, with and without COVID-19 .

The sounds will be analyzed and compared by the algorithm that will indicate a possible infection.

Participants ‘donate’ their cough and their data and these coughs will feed an artificial intelligence system that, with speech recognition, identifies coughs from infected and non-infected people, comparing them with an accuracy that the ear is not able

Bárbara Vizmanos, responsible for the project in Mexico

This project started two months ago in hospitals in Spain, Italy, the United States and Mexico, a country where researchers believe it is essential to have sound records of coughs as they are going through the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 295,000 confirmed cases. and nearly 35,000 deaths since the first case was identified on February 28.

The app that will be available soon will be free for all users.

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