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This Tuesday (18), Nintend showed the fans the next independent games that should arrive on the Nintendo Switch. Even though most have been launched on other platforms, it is interesting to know that some producers are betting on the company’s hybrid console. See what was shown:


‘Hades’ a 2D rogue like game based on Greek mythology. The player takes on the role of the Prince of the Underworld in his struggle to leave the realm of the dead. The adventure is now available for PC via Steam in advance access. For those who have already played the game, it will be possible to transfer progress to the Nintendo Switch. The game will be released for the company’s console between September and December this year.

‘Hypnospace Outlaw’

a simulation game that takes place within an alternative version of the internet known as Hypnospace. The player’s role is to explore the sites of this parallel universe in search of secrets.


The player takes on the role of Stella on her journey as a boatman from alm. The title focuses on building and managing resources while the character guides the spirits to move forward. Game is available from this Tuesday (18th).

‘Garden Story’

By controlling a guardian grape, the player must restore peace and order to a world overtaken by a supernatural force known as The Rot. Despite not having a specific release date, the game should arrive on the Nintendo Switch in 2021.

‘Subnautica / Subnautica: Below Zero’

Players are free to explore the ocean of an alien planet, known as 4546B. Creating equipment and flying submarines are some of the fundamental mechanics to progress in the game. The launch of the title and its expansion, ‘Subnautica: Below Zero’, takes place in 2021.

‘Takeshi and Hiroshi’

‘Takeshi e Hiroshi’ tells the story of the two brothers in the title. The first is a 14-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a game designer to create a game for Hiroshi, his weakened brother. Controlling both, you must create an RPG so that the little boy can play. Your role is to add monsters and obstacles to Hiroshi’s matches. Game arrives today on Nintendo Switch.

‘Raji: An Ancient Epic’

The Game of the genre to the adventure is inspired by the Indian mythology. Mastering divine weapons will be crucial to survive the dangers of the journey. With art based on typical paintings and architecture, the title offers varied and colorful settings for players to get to know Indian culture and its legends. ‘Raji: An Ancient Epic’ arrives today on the Nintendo console.

‘Bear & Breakfast’

Here, the main objective is to transform a decadent place into an inn that attracts many tourists. However, there is a catch: the owner of the place is responsible for managing a bear. As business thrives, it is necessary to pay attention to what is hidden in the depths of the forest. The game, which is a temporary Nintendo Switch exclusive, arrives on the console in 2021.

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‘A Short Hike’

With a pixelated style, the player takes on the role of a bird that aims to explore the world to find secrets hidden by the scenery. Title is available from today.

‘Card Shark’

Game focuses on card tricks. While the player learns to do well in the games, caution is necessary so that no one notices the cheats committed. Otherwise, death is certain. game arrives in 2021.

‘Torchlight 3’

Exploring the lands of Novastria, players must gather legendary equipment to defeat the threats lurking in Alberen’s dungeons.

‘Manifold Garden’

The game inspired by works of art that defy the laws of physics to create puzzles that move mainly with gravity. Title is already available.


‘Evergate’ is a 2D platform game that mixes puzzles in a vibrant setting. At first glance, it is even possible to confuse it with Ori, Microsoft’s exclusive title. However, the differences are greater than the similarities. The player must help Ki to cross the alm using Soulflame to slow down time and allow the character to reach different locations.


Game an RPG about love and freedom. The campaign can be played in solo mode or with someone else. The story revolves around a couple who fled to an abandoned planet in order to be able to stay together.

‘Going Under’

In this dungeon exploration game, the player must walk through the cursed runes of old technology companies.

‘The Red Lantern’

With a focus on resource management, the player must survive nature alongside five dogs pulling his sled.


Multiplayer game in which the player, together with friends, must build train tracks in a randomly generated world.


Cooperative game in which each player is responsible for controlling one of the arms of a strange creature. With the possibility of grabbing onto any surface, the user must go through different scenarios and overcome all obstacles.


Platform-style title puts the player in a maze full of challenges. There are only three playable characters to discover the secrets of the beautiful scenery.

‘She Dreams Elsewhere’

In Thalia’s control, the user must explore dreams and alternative realities to confront the character’s nightmares and prevent her from waking up.


Game focused on defeating several enemies in a row arrives on the Nintendo Switch after being released for the Apple Arcade. The player must manage equipment and defeat bosses while exploring dungeons.

‘GoNNER 2’

In Ikk’s control, the user must help death, which has had its lair invaded by a mysterious threat.

‘Untitled Goose Game’

Here, we have the only ad that is not a new game, but an update. Scheduled to take place on September 23, the update will add a two-player mode to the famous title.

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