see how to cancel your subscription on PS4 in 7 steps

Currently, it is not possible to cancel the Playstation Plus subscription, but to prevent it from being automatically renewed if the user no longer wants to rely on the service. To carry out this process, the Digital Look brings a step by step to cancel this automatic renewal.

See how to cancel your subscription

1. Turn on the console and select the profile you want to cancel the subscription. After that, use the left stick and move it up and then to the right until you reach the ‘settings’ tab and press ‘X’.


2. In the settings options, the selected tab will automatically be that of ‘account management’, press ‘X’ again.


3. Press ‘X’ again in the ‘account information’ tab.


4. Now move the left stick down five times to the ‘PlayStation subscriptions’ tab.


5. Select PlayStation Plus by pressing the ‘X’ button.


6. Now just press ‘X’ in the ‘disable automatic renewal’ option.


7. Choose the ‘yes’ option. After that, the system will ask if the user will use the subscription again after the current membership expires. Choose the desired option and confirm below. There, your subscription will be canceled.


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