Several Mars missions will be launched in July

The launch of the first Arab Emirates mission to Mars, called Hope, was officially postponed until Sunday, July 19, at 6:51 pm at the time in Braslia.

The mission should have taken off from the Tanegashima space base in Japan last Tuesday, but the departure was postponed due to unfavorable weather conditions in the region. The expectation was to launch the next day, but again the weather forced a postponement.

The launch window extends until August 13th, otherwise it will be necessary to wait for a new favorable alignment between Earth and Mars, something that will only happen in 2022. The mission’s objective is to put into orbit a satellite that will study the atmosphere of Mars, generating a map of its climate system over a Martian year.

It is worth remembering that Hope is just one of three missions to Mars that will be launched throughout this month. China launches Tianwen-1, its first attempt to reach the red planet. And the United States must launch Mars 2020, which will take the Perseverance rover to a location on the planet known as the Jezero Crater, in search of signs of past life.

Mars space mission UAE

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