Smartmatic: ‘The electoral Speedy Gonzlez

As is customary, memes have become a daily practice in our country to define or point out the facts in a humorous way. And in this case, the speed with which the transmission and loading of data was carried out in the last general elections were not the exception. Smartmatic was named Speedy Gonzalez for the speed with which it carried out the provisional vote count. Like other jokes and memes, they also filled the networks with ridicule and jokes about the final results of a defeated and a winner in the first round.

On Sunday, October 27, and for the second consecutive time, the results of the Argentine elections were announced in record time, with more than 70% of telegrams processed at 9:00 p.m. Which made it possible for the Minister of the Interior, Rogelio Frijgerio, as he had previously specified that, they would be in a position as of 9:00 p.m. to announce the first results. “At which point the cargo could be secured of


results of at least 10% of the most significant provinces in terms of voter density such as: Buenos Aires, CABA, Santa Fe and Crdoba.

The speed and transparency in the publication of the results raised all the doubts that marked the political campaign on the vote count and the supplier company.

By 22:00, 87.62% of the telegrams were reached online with Smartmatic, while in the presidential elections of 2015 with the old electoral technology provider, just over 27% of the telegrams processed were counted.

In this election 11,830 Argentine Post agents were in charge of capturing and transmitting telegrams from 10,009 voting establishments and 1,130 digital branches.

In addition 1,700 operators were in charge of entering and loading the values ​​of the received telegrams into the system. The average transcription time of the 1,700 digits was 52 seconds.

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In these elections, thanks to the new technology, the political parties had full visualization of all the stages of the process, including the control of telegrams from the rooms in all the provinces of the country and also from the remote consultation application.

The telegrams could be viewed online on the website owned by the Ministry of the Interior; which was of public access so that any citizen could enter and see the total results at national, provincial or district level, with the possibility of being able to discern by position (president, senators, governors, deputies and mayors).


The consultancy MFG carried out a study after the STEPS to evaluate by the same agents that they should operate the software provided by the Anglo-Saxon company Smartmatic, and its results showed that 97.9% of the agents of Correo Argentino who directly interact with the application rated the software operability as a simple procedure and very

simple. Only slightly more than 7% of the agents had some kind of problem that made transmission difficult, which according to the report was due to connectivity issues. In addition, 92% of respondents had no problem performing the assigned tasks.

The new modality of direct transmission allows that the load is much more agile and that the results that come from distant provinces to the computing centers such as Jujuy, Salta, Santa Cruz and Tierra de Fuego can be transmitted at the same time that the results of the zones

you move to the data load centers.

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