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For a time now, the world’s corporations – the same ones that used to complain about Internet, but now 80% of their dividends come from streaming- they went to Pelispedia and SeriesW. No one knows what to do to watch a series, at least a little movie. The world gawks at the screen of an empty device. But nothing has been lost! Today we tell you where to watch and download series, movies, music and even comics.

That’s right, you don’t have to worry about anything other than the injustice of people being detained for having a website where shared embedded code is shared. Yes, these people did not publish the films – do not upload them to the Internet – but they made a website that allows us to watch the contents that are on servers that are not theirs. The thing is that nobody killed the servers (because you can find a fish in a photo but not follow a link and find out which server a video chan is on!) lose the dividends they raise in advertising since, apparently, it is okay to harm users but badly annoy capital.

Do they govern streaming? We do not need it!

There are peer 2 peer alternatives, which will allow you to do exactly the same as Pelispedia, but in a more comfortable, safer and even more material way.

Popcorn Time

It is a graphic interface (a kind of ‘mask’) that is actually a client BitTorrent free and multiplatform software that includes an integrated multimedia player. The applications offer a free alternative to subscription-based video streaming services, such as Netflix. Popcorn Time uses sequential download (which is the Spanish version of streaming) to transmit the video listed by various torrent websites, and they can also be added manually.

The principle is the same as always: the more you share, the better your download will be. You have to keep in mind that your computer will be uploading and downloading material simultaneously. And yes, you cannot enjoy what others share if you do not share anything. The cost of entertainment is solidarity. Formidable.

It has an interface very similar to Netflix and basically allows the same, in the same way, but without paying.

On the website of the program they tell us that if we are concerned about the legality of what we do, we should check the legislation in our country. For example, in New Zealand there is no cultural cancer that means copyright, so if you are living there or your VPN is, you will not have problems. You can also install a VPN to anonymize yourself, all these services, free, invite you to install one: ELEG VOS cul quers. If they give you something for free and pay everything for you, who is the product? Right! You. So it is better to choose the VPN yourself and not use theirs because that is why your business is precisely in that VPN and the idea is to have a free culture, not espionage.

You can download it from here.

Terrarium: on the computer, on TV, on the cell

Terrarium is one of those applications similar to Popcorn Time that offers access to movies and streaming series in a simple way. It is an application that is not found in the Google Play Store, but can be safely downloaded from the Apk Mirror. In addition, it has recently been updated to version 1.9.1 with notable improvements in stability and reduction in the number of announcements.

The application offers direct access to a huge number of movies and series. They are arranged in a grid and by the image of their card, so there is no problem when browsing the available content. Just click on any to see the available links. Then hit a specific link and it will play below.

Terrarium does not store any type of file, so it depends on what already exists on the Internet. In general, there are always several links to choose from, each with its relevant quality. The application offers access to all with the possibility of viewing them in streaming by clicking on the play button and downloading them by clicking on Download. In this way we can view it offline.

As we said before, Terrarium is not available in the Android app store, so the only way to install it is through an Apk file. You already know what that means: you have to activate the box of Unknown sources that is in the settings of your Android and Security.

The download is safe, although we recommend that you do not accept the access permissions to contacts that the application will ask you to start.

Download Terrarium

There is more!

We will tell you soon.

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