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A characteristic of the series is that, socially, We consume them like books. The consumption and acquisition patterns are very similar, and this tells us something interesting: consumers of series today are the readers of books and magazines of yesteryear, those that a sector of society believes made television disappear. They were not dead, they changed format, which is an unexpected contribution to this universe in which the visual and success are exacerbated. It may seem good or bad to you, that does not matter, this happens.

The matter is, as in the books, in the access. A Netflix subscription He is hanging around the $ 600 monthly, to which we have to add the internet connection (suppose $ 1000), the energy consumption (difficult to calculate these days), Expecting you already bought the device what will you see the series Arbitrarily, let’s think that to watch a movie on Netflix you are spending, perhaps, about $ 2200 a month. Now that you have that number I ask you: How much did you spend a year watching series and movies, even listening to music, before the coming of Netflix and Spotify? I dare to think that many people will respond: $ 0.

From $ 0 to $ 2200 there is a difference, right?

Something very interesting that occurs in cultural consumption currently, is that series like Game of Thrones are seen by hundreds of millions of people, but the subscriber base of the company that produces it has diametrically smaller numbers. What happens That no matter how restrictive the system with which I am charged for the content, there is a community sharing culture and that community is in charge, jointly or speculatively, of finding and disseminating content so that I can access it. If I can pay, I don’t go to that community, if I can’t pay, I do, but in both cases I am achieving what I want.

Ace, just wait a few minutes after a premiere to access the content, as a result of the existence of large communities of people who dedicate their efforts to sharing culture.

You can watch the premiere of a chapter or a football game directly on Facebook, and when the stream closes, just go to another broadcast. With the series the same thing happens, only that there are people who took the trouble to create different interfaces so that you can have the Netflix experience without having to pay for it.

ATTENTION: Viewing an unpaid Netflix subscription may be a crime in your country, so we invite you to read the legislation on this matter in your jurisdiction before doing the following.

Get free trials using a VPN or Proxy

A virtual private network (VPN) is a connection that allows you to log into a website from one country, as if you were in another. Netflix offers different free trial periods, but not for all passes. At this time, for example, free trials for Argentina are suspended. But several countries are available in countries, so if you connect to a VPN of any of these passes, you will have free trials available for a month. Once the month has expired, simply find a VPN from another country and get the free promotion. Whenever you use that subscription, do it with an IP of the country with which you logged out. If possible, with the same IP address.

You can also use a proxy connection (with the same final result, but another intermediate methodology). A proxy is ‘something’ through what is done ‘something’. In this case: you use a proxy to connect to a website, nothing more. The problem with this alternative is that the Proxy and VPN connections are slower than the other connections.

Netflix will ask you for a credit card to validate your subscriptionFortunately, this is something that, as with the series, the globe’s user community has taken into account, and there are various services that provide credit card numbers to validate the subscription. A well-known one is this, they are services that constantly suffer attacks, because many people use them to commit crimes, so If the one we suggest doesn’t work, you can simply search the web until you find one that is useful to you.

Have fun!

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