“Someday You’ll Return” is horror in Moravian forests

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – The forests of Eastern Czech Republic can hardly be called a usual place for a video game. But this is exactly where the horror adventure game “Someday You’ll Return” takes place.

Players take on the role of Daniel, whose daughter Stela has disappeared without a trace. Admittedly, it wasn’t the first time that Stella disappeared without a trace. But this time it is different: the search for his daughter forces Daniel to return to a place that gives him nightmares: the deep forests of Moravia, praised in many folk tales.

Herbalism and GPS navigation

“Someday You’ll Return” is played from the first person perspective and is reminiscent of games like “Call of Cthulhu” or similar scary games. The aim is to collect more clues to the whereabouts of the missing daughter by solving puzzles and combining objects. With the help of an herbal book, medicine and potions can be made, a GPS device helps with orientation and also serves as a survival-essential flashlight.

A nameless horror

As the game progresses, protagonist Daniel slowly realizes: Not enough that his beloved daughter has been swallowed up by the earth: A nameless horror seems to be responsible for this. “Someday You’ll Return” faces fear, lies and conflicts – and thoughts about fatherhood itself.

And while players get to see a lot of blood and other things, the developers say they are also looking for a different insight. The most obvious horror characters aren’t necessarily the worst monsters.

“Someday You’ll Return” will be released for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


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