Sony job openings indicate possible new PS5 headset

Sony Corp Japan has opened 15 new job openings that may indicate a major breakthrough for virtual reality through a VR headset. This is because the opportunities are only for people who have knowledge in lens technology, design, heat dissipation, among other skills. Despite the division that oversees the PlayStation brand being Sony Interactive Entertainment, nothing prevents new technologies from moving from one department to another.

The hope that the news will be a sign that PS5 players will have a powerful new headset. But according to the vacancy announcement itself, written even in Japanese, the project is still in its infancy, hence the urgency of new specialized employees.


News of a possible new accessory has given hope to fans of the PlayStation line. Credits: iStock / Reproduo

The announcement still leaves some doubts, as to what the target audience of the new accessory really would be. The question is raised because the division you’re hiring is not focused on PlayStation. Therefore, there are those who say that the goal is to integrate different audiences with the next equipment, in addition to the video game players.

Anyway, a certainty fans of the Japanese brand around the world can have: Sony has not forgotten them and has big long-term plans for virtual reality, which can be converted for Playstation 5 players at some point.

PS5 details

Last month, the page besides Amazon released some possible features of the PlayStation 5 console. According to the website, the video game will weigh around 4.78 kilograms, being the heaviest among the last consoles released by Sony.

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It is also expected to be the highest, taking into account USB ports and optical disc players. According to fans, the PS5 should be between 38 and 40 cm high. The price of the new model has not yet been released by the manufacturer.

Source: Games Observatory

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