Sony reveals PlayStation 5 game box design

Games will be sold in blue plastic cases, similar to those already used in PlayStation 4 games

Sony revealed on Thursday (9) the design of the PlayStation 5 game boxes. The games will continue to be sold in blue plastic cases, like those used on the PlayStation 4. However, there are some subtle changes in design.

According to the The Verge the slightly darker shade of blue, matching the blue lights used on the console. The black logo on a white background above the illustration suggests that the black and white model of the console, as presented by Sony, is the “standard” in this generation. Something unusual, since the PlayStation 2 is the standard black console, although special editions in several other colors have been released.


The PlayStation 5 has been revealed gradually by Sony. The name was confirmed last October, in an article on Wired, along with the first technical specifications, such as using an SSD unit instead of a traditional HD, to eliminate waiting for games to load.

In January of this year Sony showed the official logo of the console. In March, the person responsible for the console’s architecture, Mark Cerny (who also designed the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4) revealed more technical details. The DualSense controls, successors of the current DualShock 4, were first shown in early April, and the console design itself, after much speculation, in June.


The DualSense controller, to be used on the PlayStation 5. Photo: Sony

What has not been revealed so far was an exact date for the launch and the price. The console hit the market in two versions, with and without a Blu-Ray drive, later this year.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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