Sony unveils appearance of Playstation 5

New York (dpa) – Sony’s next game console Playstation 5 will be available for the first time in a version without a disc drive only for downloading the games.

The “Digital Edition” looks noticeably narrower on the first pictures than the model, which can also read games on Blu-ray Disc. Microsoft had already launched a variant of its current Xbox One console without a disc drive last year. No such plans have been announced for the next Xbox Series X, which will compete against Playstation 5.

The consoles of both providers are to come onto the market according to previous plans for Christmas sales. The Corona crisis doesn’t seem to have changed that. The prices have not yet been released.

Sony also presented the look of the new Playstation for the first time on Friday night. While the Xbox Series X looks like a monolith, the PS5 is two-tone, with a black case core and a curved white casing around it. It can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. The eye-catching exterior caused a lot of ridicule on the net. Various users wrapped a sheet of paper around their Internet routers, others felt at the rear of the BMW i8 sports car, the evil queen’s collar from Disney’s “Snow White”, Sauron’s tower from “Lord of the Rings”, a file folder, an aircraft carrier or plain reminds a duckbill.

So far, Sony has presented the details of the Playstation 5 bit by bit. The technical data was last presented in spring. The console is said to support the high 8K image resolution for particularly sharp display and to have a flash memory developed in-house by the group. Sony also presented various game titles for the PS5 on Thursday. These include a new game from the “Resident Evil” series and “Grand Theft Auto V”.


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