SpaceX costumes are shown in detail on video

SpaceX released a video this week that details the development of space suits used in manned missions. Technically, they are “pressure suits”, created to protect astronauts against possible depressurization of the capsule during the trip to space or the return to Earth.

The clothes were developed and are produced by SpaceX at its factory in California, the same place where the spaceships are built. Resistant to flames and impacts, the suits have built-in communication and temperature control systems.

The radio and microphone are on the helmet. Air and electrical energy flow through a single cable connected to the crewman’s seat in the spacecraft. The gloves presented an extra challenge: in addition to being durable and flexible, they also need to be conductive, since Crew Dragon is fully controlled on touch screens.

In addition to functionality, design was also a priority for SpaceX. According to Elon Musk, it took almost four years to develop a garment that was both beautiful and functional.

spaceX space mission

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