SpaceX launches today another 57 Starlink satellites and two rides; watch

Launching will take place at 1pm (Brasilia time) this Wednesday from the base of Cape Canaveral, Florida

SpaceX will launch this Wednesday at 1 pm (Brasilia time) a Falcon 9 rocket carrying another 57 Starlink satellites and two “hitchhikers”, ground observation satellites from the operator BlackSky.

The launch will be made from the Cape Canaveral space base in Florida, the same location from which the historic Demo-2 mission took off, which on May 30 put two astronauts in orbit. The rocket has already been used in four previous missions, and after launching it will land on one of the company’s robotic ferries in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Starlink satellites in this new batch have a new feature: a mobile sun shade that will be used to reduce the glare of orbiting satellites. it is a response to complaints from astronomers and scientists, who claim that the constellation will hinder the observation of space from Earth.

With this lot, SpaceX has already launched 595 satellites, just over 37% of the 1,585 that will be used to complete the first layer (“shell”) of the constellation, necessary to provide global high-speed internet access. SpaceX expects to operate multiple layers, with a total of 12,000 satellites and plans to expand to another 30,000.

As usual, the launch will be broadcast live on the company’s website and on its YouTube channel. You can follow everything here at Olhar Digital.

Source: The Verge

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