SpaceX may still break rocket reuse record

Despite delay, company may exceed use of space shuttle with Falcon 9

Earlier this week, SpaceX announced a small delay in launching the Falcon 9 rocket, which would take South Korea’s Anasis II communications satellites. Despite this, the space company still has a chance to break the world record for “smallest turnaround. ”Of orbital rockets, which currently belongs to NASA’s space shuttle.

In 1985, the American space agency needed only 54 days to carry out the entire process and make a second launch with the equipment. To reach this mark, which includes the ritual of inspecting, refueling and making a new launch, it is necessary to launch the rocket by 26 July.

Musk said on Twitter that the mission delay is due to the fact that SpaceX is being “extremely paranoid” to “maximize the likelihood of a successful launch”, without making it clear what it refers to. The company has not yet given a new date for the launch attempt, but, due to unfavorable conditions, this should not occur before July 19.


Rocket Falcon 9 may be responsible for breaking the space shuttle record. Photo: SpaceX

Starlink tests

Soon, people who have expressed an interest in knowing more about the internet services that should be offered by SpaceX with the Starlink program will be able to test the service. At least that indicates an email sent to a select group of people.

The message asks for the full address of the individuals to verify the possibility of covering the network. In addition, it was mentioned that the company will launch a closed trial period within the next three months, followed by a public version.

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Reddit user “Bubby4j” scoured the Starlink support site and found more details about the closed testing process. He discovered that the program will start operations in the northern United States and part of Canada, precisely in places where there is a large concentration of rural communities.

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