SpaceX prepares new test for Starship

A highly anticipated moment in the context of space travel can occur in the coming days. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, said on Twitter that the company is trying to make the first flight with Starship later this week.

The spacecraft’s fifth prototype, the SN5, has been in preparation for two weeks. This is because the company wants to test the engines with the vehicle attached to the ground and transfer fuel to their tanks. Apparently, if these tests are successful, the first flight follows.

This first Starship flight must be short. SpaceX will make the so-called jump. That is, the rocket must reach 150 meters in height and, soon after, return to the ground under control.

While the aircraft is not flying, the company is already developing the next prototype, the SN8. For him, a more resistant steel alloy was developed, probably to avoid failures in pressurization tests of previous versions.

spaceX elon musk Starship flight

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