SpaceX video shows recovery of Falcon 9 fairing

SpaceX did not repeat the success of the end of July, when it first recovered the two halves of the fairing that protects the cargo of a Falcon 9, but this Tuesday (18) managed to recover at least one of the parts, after a launch that broke another record for rocket reuse.

A video posted by the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, on Twitter shows the moment when one of the pieces was picked up by the GO ship Ms. Tree. The tranquility of the ocean, the slow descent of the piece and the “elevator music” make everything seem easy or even routine, something that is far from the truth.

SpaceX has been trying to recover the Falcon 9 fairing, made up of two pieces that together are worth US $ 6 million, since 2018. In 14 attempts it recovered half of the fairing in four of them (including yesterday’s), and both pieces only one time, on July 20.

According to a tute by Elon Musk, both the fairing parachute control mechanism and the GO Ms. Tree vessel were operating on “autopilot”, which may signal a new strategy for parts recovery.

In previous attempts, the ship was piloted manually. SpaceX already uses autonomous technology on the ferries it uses to recover the first stage of Falcon 9 rockets.

Source: Teslarati

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