SpaceX will take more satellites into space

Tomorrow, SpaceX should try again to send yet another batch of Starlink satellites to Space. The launch window starts at 4:21 am on Friday in Brasilia and lasts 24 hours.

This will be the company’s third attempt for this group of satellites. First, there was a launch window between 23 and 26 June. Then, the attempt was on July 8. The goal of the Starlink project is to provide broadband internet to the entire world.

The rocket used will be the Falcon-9. If it works, it will be the fifth time it is used. As a cargo, the spacecraft will take 57 Starlink units plus two ground observation hitches from operator BlackSky.

The launch will leave the Cape Canaveral space base in Florida. It was from there, too, that NASA’s Perseverance rover left today for Mars.

In order for the Starlink system to be launched, around 840 satellites are required. Currently, the company is already beta testing and the first public tests may start in August.

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