Spanish tapas appetizer factory built with Lego

Designers from “The Brick Wall”, a YouTube channel dedicated to engineering projects with Lego, created a tapas factory – that typical Spanish appetizer – made with the assembled pieces. The project took a month to complete.

The construction is fully automated and uses 19 Lego power engines, in addition to special parts for other movements, such as rotations in gears and wheels. The team also used five BuWizz, a kind of remote control for Lego.

The factory makes snacks and serves the customer. For this, a belt carries the baguettes to be cut. Then, they receive a covering and are taken by another mat that adds cheese, cucumber, smoked salmon, apples and ham to the slices of bread.

Then, the contraption inserts toothpicks with tomato and cheese into the tapas. Finally, a waiter rob removes the appetizers and serves the guests.

Lego factories

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