Spotify launches ‘Premium Duo’ plan in Portugal: know price and details

The Spotify music streaming service continues to work to offer a wider range of plans premium to your current and future subscribers. And it is in this sense that the new ‘Premium Duo’ appears.

As its name implies, this is a plan designed to cover only two people. The only requirement is that they live under the same roof. If you are in this situation, the price is much more inviting than maintaining two separate accounts, since € 8.99 in Portugal.

Although this is a shared subscription, you should keep in mind that you will have two completely separate accounts. This means that as much as you like the other person’s musical taste, you will not have to take it with the recommendations made to that person.

This is a plan that works in the same way as the family plan (for up to 6 accounts). The accounts included in the plan must reside at the same address. They will have access to all the tools of the Premium version, such as music without ads or the possibility to download music to listen offline.

One of the particularities of this plan is the ‘Duo Mix’ playlist. This is a playlist that can be heard by both, and that will be regularly updated with songs that will please both members.

In addition to the Premium Duo, Spotify offers you in Portugal the individual plan for 6.99 €. The family plan costs € 10.99, but covers up to 6 accounts. If you are a student and prove it, you can have the service for just € 3.49 per month.

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