Starship prototype will fly at 15 km altitude

Next Monday, between 12 noon and 12 noon around the clock in Braslia, SpaceX intends to make a static shot of the SN8 and a flight at 15 kilometers of altitude. To this end, it asked for the closure of roads near its facilities in Boca Chica, Texas.

If all goes well, be Starship’s first high-altitude flight. Two other prototypes, the SN5 and the SN6, made jumps at 150 meters. It is worth remembering that a flight at 15 kilometers of altitude is not a space flight: according to the International Aeronautics Federation, the space starts 100 kilometers above sea level.

The SN8 has been under construction since July and will be the first Starship to fly with a nose and fins for aerodynamic control. This gives it a closer look than having the final vehicle. Previous prototypes looked like legged fuel tanks.

This is also the first prototype equipped with three Raptor propellers. The final version will have six of these thrusters and will be taken into space by a Falcon Super Heavy rocket, with 31 Raptor thrusters.

spaceX prototype Starship

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