Stay tuned: PlayStation 5 DualSense to be tested at Summer Game Fest

Without a doubt, the design of the control for a console is critical in its possibilities of success and the DualSense for PS5 it is not the exception; however, it is also a difficult component to demonstrate without literally having it on your hands. With this in mind, journalist and producer Geoff Keighley offer, as part of the Summer Game Fest event, a demonstration of DualSense at 1:00 p.m. in Argentina.

Join Geoff Keighley for a first look (and demo) of the DualSense control for PlayStation 5 “, cites the description of the broadcast on YouTube that, of course, still does not show more than a static image. Sony has given a lot of importance to the control of the PlayStation 5. In fact, it presented it before the console itself and supposedly constitutes a watershed for the tradition of the controls of the brand, which is why I left behind the DualShock seal, to adopt that of DualSense.

What is known, for the moment, is that the controller incorporates haptic feedback and adaptive triggers with dynamic resistance levels to revolutionize diving through sensations. Long before knowing specific details, those close to PlayStation were already talking about how special the design of the new controller was and very soon we will have a more complete look. Said that, Sony continues to distinguish its controls by the symmetrical arrangement of the game levers.

Sony officially introduced the PlayStation 5 a month ago and its launch is expected towards the end of the year, with reports suggesting that there is optimism within the company, regarding its commercial performance.

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