Streaming portals in the SEO check: Amazon depends on Netflix

Streaming pioneer Netflix in terms of SEO behind Amazon Prime Video. (Photo: sitthiphong / Shutterstock)

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Searchmetrics’ SEO experts took a close look at streaming portals. Overall, information pages are clearly ahead, with the VoD providers Amazon leaves the competition behind.

Around 20 million Germans are currently expected to use streaming services. When it comes to paid offers, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have a market share of 35 and 25 percent respectively. Have the ad-supported video-on-demand (VoD) market according to Goldmedia analysis Youtube (41 percent) and Facebook (25 percent) split between them. Searchmetrics now has the SEO check for the streaming area made – with sometimes surprising results.

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Illegal streaming portals out of competition

Overall, the SEO experts evaluated the top 10 Google search results for 1,000 previously selected relevant keywords from the streaming area. Incidentally, illegal providers were not taken into account in the analysis. Together they are said to have had a share of around five percent among the top 25 streaming portals. Interestingly enough, five info pages specializing in streaming were at the top. Only in sixth place is Amazon Prime Video the first “real” streaming provider. Netflix in ninth place is clearly behind.

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The top 10 streaming portals on Google at a glance:


The SEO ranking shows that information portals such as streaming providers are draining the Google results. The reason for this is that the portals show where which content can be streamed or rented. There are also reviews, news and user ratings for series and films. The platforms can also score with information about actors or directors. Incidentally, some of these portals seem to earn money not only with affiliate models, but also with user data on film tastes and consumer behavior.

In series, Netflix is ​​just ahead of Amazon

If you look at the dedicated streaming providers, Amazon is ahead of Youtube, Maxdome and Netflix. Disney Plus, on the other hand, is lagging behind in 22nd place. However, the choice of keywords and the limited repertoire of Disney Plus are also responsible for this. Incidentally, when it comes to series, Netflix can overtake Amazon. In the case of films, Amazon is much stronger. In the TV media libraries, Prosieben took the top spot in the ranking.

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