Super Mario Bros. cartridge is the most expensive game of all time

Sold at an auction, the copy of the original 1985 game (still in the sealed packaging) broke the previous sales record, which was also for a Super Mario Bros. of the NES

An original cartridge, from 1985, of the American version of the classic Super Mario Bros. Nintendo, brand new, in perfect condition and sealed. How much is it worth to you? For anonymous buyer who took this copy at the auction promoted by Heritage Auctions, the price was US $ 114 thousand (more than R $ 600 thousand, on this Friday, 10th), breaking the record for the most expensive game in history.

Remember that it was from the same game, under similar conditions, also at an auction, which was sold to a group of collectors for $ 100,150. Experts pointed out that this is a historical value and that a single game never received has accumulated a value of six digits.

The cartridge sold now has a rating of 9.4 out of 10, which means it is in almost perfect condition, with everything sealed in the original packaging. It is also a specific version of the North American retail edition, which has one of those cardboard stands that used to hang it for exhibition. And that made a difference in the price.

“Cardboard holders were originally used for copies of black box games in the US test markets,” explains Heritage Auctions. When Nintendo started to establish itself in the country, its packaging was updated to include the more resistant plastic support. Therefore, units with cardboard support are more rare.

Via: The Verge

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