Super useful: the new functions that WhatsApp will launch in a few days

The instant messaging application called WhatsApp It is preparing some improvements that meet all the needs and demands of users.

It is that it already incorporated some functions such as: video calls with up to eight people. The direct call button for a video call with all group members, among others.

WhatsApp It also allows sending scheduled messages through Whatsapp.

Use the same account on different devices. Until now it is only possible to have an active account on one device.

It will help users find images and content within the App.

Messages can be searched and filtered by date so that the user can find them earlier.

WhatsApp announced in February its intention to develop a complementary money transfer system between users that already works on other Facebook platforms.

  • Let no one read what you keep

It will be necessary to include a password to access the saved messages.

What do you think of the new features?



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