Supernatural Images of Utah’s Great Salt Lake [VIDÉO]


The Great Salt Lake of Utah, United States, is the scene of natural phenomena that give it an unreal beauty.

Last September, director Justin MacFarland captured mind-boggling footage with his drone, flying over the Great Salt Lake of Utah in the United States. Cut in two by a railway line, the lake appears at first sight as two distinct bodies of water. On one side the water is blue with some green reflections, and on the other the water is totally pink. Which gives a magical aerial image as admired in the video below.

But it is indeed the same lake! This has two levels of salinity which drastically change its appearance. The southern part, with blue-green hues, has areas of freshwater deposition, allowing the level of salt to be regulated, while the northern part, with well-anchored fuchsia, contains a large number of organisms. halophile, which need high concentrations of salt to thrive. The water in the northern part is thus trapped by this concentration of bacteria, unable to cleanse with fresh water which would help to make its texture clearer.

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Utah, a privileged source of inspiration for photographers

Differences in salinity that are not found only in this area of ​​the lake and give it, from a wider perspective this time, a supernatural character in an aerial photo shared on Twitter. This gives us a hell of a desire to fly over this lake with an area of ​​4,400 square km. It is the largest salt lake in the American continent, the fourth largest enclosed lake in the world and it is one of the fifty largest lakes on the planet.

A mythical lake that also inspired the visual artist Jeremiah Lenoir with his forthcoming book Dust (October 26 at Light Motiv). Between photography and abstract beauty, the images shaped by the French dazzle with their graphic character. Initially, it looks like a drawing but it is indeed the real, as pointed out Konbini in a recent article.

Photos that make us want to explore the lunar landscapes of the very wild American state. Between its valleys seeming to come from Star Wars, its gigantic lakes and deserts, it is also home to many species of very rare birds, and radiates its natural beauties to the delight of photographers.

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