Survey: would you buy a smartphone without accessories?

The rumors that circulate, corroborated by suppliers and industry analysts, are that Apple will remove the charger and earphones from the iPhone 12 case. The most funny thing is that the same rumors are being made about Samsung. Therefore, future equipment from these brands may come without accessories in the box.

So, we ask you the question: what do you think of the idea of ​​buying a smartphone without accessories? We will keep this questionnaire active for a few days, where we will then post the responses of our readers.


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There are several reasons for brands to remove accessories

First, removing the accessories represents a huge savings potential for the company. This is because, removing the accessories, the smartphone can stay in a smaller box, where the brand can send more quantities in the same space. In addition, the brand saves money and can also increase the separate sale of accessories.

We also have the environmental argument, because electronic waste is a growing problem in today’s world. Recycling smartphones and their accessories is not an easy task and let’s face it: who doesn’t have a drawer full of cables and chargers at home?

And how is the user?

Removing accessories from the smartphone case may not be such a big inconvenience, as long as the brand has the least decency to adjust the price. After all, charging the same 1000 euros for a Galaxy S21 without accessories that was charged for the Galaxy S20 with charger and earphones is ridiculous.

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