Take notes on Windows 10? Why not try using the voice ones?

To organize work and tasks, many Windows 10 users turn to popular post-it notes. These concentrate the ideas and actions that the user has to perform in the future or simply notes that he needs.

With so many tools present, there are certainly alternatives that they can use and that are simpler. We speak, for example, of voice recording, where these notes can be saved and used, in a more interesting and even more useful way.

Windows 10 audio notes voice ideas

A different way to take notes in Windows 10

There are many ways to take notes in Windows 10, from the dedicated apps to the ones that this system brings natively. The user only needs to choose the one that best suits him and use it naturally for his own benefit.

One of those that little remember to use is the voice notes. Just dictate the ideas and notes you want to keep. To do so, they can use the Microsoft Windows Voice Recorder app, which find in the store.

Windows 10 audio notes voice ideas

It’s simple to quickly record a new idea

In this app you can directly manage the saved notes, listen to the ones that are present and record new ones. It also offers some extra tools to the user to manage them better and in a much simpler way.

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To record a new note just click on the blue microphone, which is at the bottom of the app interface for Windows 10. Immediately the interface is changed, focusing on capturing the audio that the user is dictating.

Windows 10 audio notes voice ideas

Just use your voice to save what you want

In this minimalist interface you can easily control the recording. They can pause at any time and even add bookmarks by clicking on the present flag. Finally, on the big central button, just stop recording.

This is then stored at the top of the interface and ready to be heard. The user can change its name to identify it better, just by clicking the right mouse button. It is also possible to share, delete or access the original file where the note is stored.

Windows 10 audio notes voice ideas

Everything is saved in an audio file that you can save

Finally, we mention an important point, the notes can be adjusted in the audio. They can shorten at the beginning or at the end, thus removing any extra noise that has been recorded.

With this tool present in Windows 10, they can quickly take notes, without having to write and simply dictating what they want to keep. They get used to using this new way and will probably be more productive in their tasks.


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