“Tell Me Why” is an interactive search for clues

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Five years ago, game developer Dontnod landed a surprise hit with the teen drama “Life is Strange”. Several successors and offshoots later, “Tell Me Why” is another, completely new narrative game from the French.

The main characters of the interactive episode game are the twins Alyson and Tyler Ronan. Ten years after the traumatic death of their mother, the siblings meet again in their parents’ house in Alaska – and go on the search for traces of the past.

Review with freedom of choice

The special thing about it: Alyson and Tyler have a kind of magical ability with which they can relive past events. It quickly becomes apparent that the twins’ childhood together was different from what they both remember. But how was it really, what is reality, what is not? The players have to find that out together with Alyson and Tyler – and then decide.

Because the siblings can not only experience flashbacks to their past – they can and must also make decisions that affect the past and present equally. This freedom of choice makes it possible to play “Tell Me Why” again at a later date – with a completely different ending to the story.

Sensitive issues, well packaged

Everything is staged in a cinematic-realistic way like in “Life is strange”, including the somewhat wooden animations, the melancholy soundtrack and a good knack for sensitive topics: Tyler is a trans man, for example – and thus one of the first trans people with a leading role in a blockbuster video game.

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“Tell Me Why” by Dontnod Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios is an episode game with three separate chapters, all of which have already been released. The entire package costs around 30 euros and is available for Xbox One and the PC.


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