Tesla launches two new official accessories with prices that even scare!

With the great popularity of Tesla cars worldwide, numerous accessories manufactured by third parties began to emerge to improve the experience of using these electric cars. However, the manufacturer itself continues to bet on the launch of some official accessories, even if it does not practice the nicest prices.

Recently, both the new Tesla Model S and Model X have started to arrive equipped with a new wireless charger. However, any user who purchased one of these models before the changes needed to use third-party chargers.

Tesla wireless charger

Tesla has now decided to make its new wireless charger available directly on its online store. But, at a price of $ 125, it will definitely make many users continue to use products made by other companies. On the official page, Tesla reveals that the charger supports up to 7.5W, but that on models with the MCU1 this speed is reduced to 5W.

To help with the assembly process, the manufacturer also published instructions (12 steps) for assembling it.

In addition to the wireless charger, Tesla has also launched a new chain for the Tesla Model X boot in its online store. However, at a price of $ 50, users will be able to find much more affordable alternatives in various online stores.

Tesla Model X network

Buying “unofficial” accessories for Tesla cars will save you a lot of money

Obviously, whenever possible the best option is to always buy official accessories manufactured by the brand that produces the product. However, this is not always the option that gives you the most value for money.

Usually, manufacturers end up placing much higher prices on their products, when compared to alternatives manufactured by third parties. In the case of Tesla cars, this price difference is impossible to ignore.

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However, you should always pay close attention to the products you buy, making sure they are made by trusted companies with a good reputation.

In both accessories, you will be able to find reliable offers that will cost a fraction of the price of official accessories.

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