The 7 best alternatives to WhatsApp in 2020

Facebook’s instant communication platform is the most popular in the world, but there are excellent alternatives to WhatsApp Messenger for Android and iOS phones. These are the best to install and use on your phone and beyond!

For those looking for the world’s most secure chat app, with enhanced encryption, or simply looking for a free messaging app other than Messenger, or WhatsApp. Each has its highlights that you will also get to know.

1. Signal

Signal logo on white background
Signal was launched in July 2014.

THE Signal is an encrypted messaging platform, or chat program, that sends end-to-end communications over the internet, with private chat and group conversations. It allows the sending of files, voice clips, images and videos.

It is available for Android and iOS, and can replace the native SMS app on Google’s operating system. In addition, end-to-end encryption ensures a secure communication line between the parties, even in video calls.

The highlight of Signal as an alternative to WhatsApp are the various security controls given to the user. It is possible to define encryption keys, or to define expiration dates for messages, among other privacy mechanisms.

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2. Telegram

Telegram logo on white background
Telegram was launched in August 2013.

THE Telegram is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp, shining through security and encryption. For those looking for an instant chat program, Telegram offers the safest chat in the world, or so the company says.

The messages are highly encrypted and can self-destruct after a few minutes. In addition, it is possible to access messages and content from various devices, being a fast, free and powerful service.

The highlight goes to end-to-end encryption, chat groups that can reach 200 thousand members, and the possibility of sending files. For those looking for one of the most popular chat services, this is a great option.

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3. Viber

Viber logo on white background
Viber was launched in December 2010.

THE Viber is available for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux, reaching virtually all platforms. It is a great choice among the best alternatives to WhatsApp Messenger, with its own characteristics and strong visual identity.

It is a complete communication platform for sharing videos, multimedia content, files, voice calls, video and of course, text chat. Group chats and expressive stickers are some of the biggest assets.

We can create and manage communities with unlimited members, as well as chat extensions for various services. Moreover, it is possible to eliminate the messages read, with a strong emphasis on encryption and security of the platform.

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4. Line

Line was launched in June 2011.

THE Line guarantees instant communications via smartphones, tablets and computers using the Internet. It is possible to exchange free text messages (chat), video and voice calls, as well as multiparty conferences.

This alternative to WhatsApp is particularly popular in Asia, captivating users with animated stickers of the most varied genres and shapes. The sharing of photos, videos and voice messages is very well articulated and enriches Line.

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Also noteworthy is the partnership between Line and other companies, guaranteeing discount coupons and other advantages for users of the platform. It also has a news separator, Line Today, with headlines from various categories.

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5. GroupMe

GroupMe logo white background
GroupMe was launched in May 2010.

THE GroupMe it is a good option, focused on creating communities and conversation groups. The instant communication service is available for all platforms, with a more minimalist graphic environment, facilitating the use of its functions.

It can serve as a coordination platform for work groups, or organize parties with family members. By focusing on this aspect, the service created a more rewarding experience for organizing everything in one place, on any device.

In addition to being able to share photos, videos and create image galleries, we can create emojis, send direct messages to some contact, share the location and interact with other users’ content.

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6. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger logo on white background
Facebook Messenger was launched in August 2011.

THE Facebook Messenger is among the best alternatives to WhatsApp, especially for PC. Through the computer, Messenger is integrated into the Facebook page, while on the different mobile platforms it has its own application.

It has a dynamic text messaging system, very similar to WhatsApp in mechanics and features. From text messages, to voice clips, images, files, surveys and even the possibility of making (and fulfilling) plans with friends.

Among communication platforms, this is one of the most convenient, as it is easily present on most computers and mobile devices. In addition, it is constantly receiving new functions and communication possibilities.

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6. WeChat

WeChat logo on white background
WeChat was launched in January 2011.

THE WeChat is a communications colossus in China, unfolding as a social network, mobile payments and instant communications application. It is one of the largest applications in the world, being almost mandatory on the Asian continent.

User activity on WeChat is analyzed, tracked and shared with Chinese authorities, thereby fulfilling Beijing’s impositions. The highlight of this app is the multitude of services it offers, being an all-in-one solution.

From the exchange of messages, to the social component, to the mediation of payments via mobile phone, the booking of trips, booking appointments, among other services. All of this under the watchful eye of the Chinese authorities.

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Wire is another great safe alternative to WhatsApp

Wire logo on white background
Wire was launched in December 2014.

THE Wire is an encrypted communications and collaboration platform, aimed at business customers. It is a safe, but paid alternative to WhatsApp, strictly complying with European data protection directives.

It is worth noting that there is a free plan, for personal accounts, but it is in the commercial, paid plan, that this communication service really shines. Between file sharing and voice and video calls, there is complete privacy in communications.

The messages have a defined period and each account can be used on up to 8 devices simultaneously. Finally, we can customize the text formatting in the messages sent, among other editing options.

Go to Wire’s official website

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