“The Almost Gone” brings players to tears

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – “The Almost Gone” is a puzzle game for mobile phones and devices. But it is not a casual puzzle for in between.

Because the original game by the Belgian developer Happy Volcano tells a sad story about the topics of death, fate and impermanence – and demands a lot of compassion from its players in addition to lard.

Caught between life and death

The game’s invisible main character is caught somewhere between life and death. She doesn’t know exactly why – there are many questions to be answered: Why did I die? How can I free myself from this situation? Players must solve the dark secret surrounding the protagonist’s death by skillfully solving puzzles and puzzles.

Similar to a classic adventure in the “Maniac Mansio” and “Monkey Island” categories, the player has to explore different rooms and other locations – but from an unusual perspective. Because the display is reminiscent of dioramas as you know them from model making.

Clues and objects have been hidden in these box-like rooms and now want to be found. The graphic style is rather simple and sketchy – minimalism is the key here.

A suburban drama in puzzle form

With each deciphered clue that is hidden in one of the dioramas, the players get to another location, also riddled with riddles. The streets and locations of a US suburb are gradually being combined into a drama – just like in a puzzle.

“The Almost Gone” is available for Android and iOS, the PC and Nintendo Switch. Depending on the platform, the price is between 5 and 15 euros.

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