The best apps and games of the week for Android

Google Play receives new apps and games every day from developers around the world. With so many options, you may find it difficult to know what to download and leave installed on your Android.

To help you, the Digital Look prepared a list with only the main and best news that entered Google Play. The following selection has 8 options between applications and games. Check out:

The best apps of the week

This week’s list of apps includes some new titles, as well as updates with new features for some very popular programs. Look:

Bibino – Free

Our cell phones are able to increasingly perform different functions, and this application can prove to be very useful for those who have a device left over or stopped by. With it, you transform your device into a “baby monitor” with useful functions to monitor it by video when you are outside its main room.


Chrome Canary – Free

Chrome is the most popular browser on Android because it comes pre-installed on Google’s system and has many functions. In turn, the test version of the browser has gained a function so that you can “schedule downloads”, which Digital Look has already shown how it can be used in this tutorial.


Armoni Launcher iOS 14 – Free

Many people who left iOS or just used it want to have the look of the Apple system without letting go of some Android features. Thus, Armoni Launcher manages to bring the look of iOS 14, which is full of new features, to phones with the Android system. Unfortunately, in addition to the launcher, to have a more pleasant experience, the developer also sells separately a package of icons for this version of iOS.

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YouTube Music – Free

With each passing week, Google ends up adding new features to its music streaming service. Now, in it, you can create collaborative playlists or even with songs suggested by their artificial intelligence, helping you to discover new bands to keep an eye on.


The best games of the week

This week’s game selection brings interesting options for those who like online titles. Check out:

Super Tank Blitz – Free

A game that arrived on Google Play and is quite successful is the Super Tank Blitz. In it, you are the one to create a tank and enter online disputes alone or with a friend to show who is the best at controlling these monstrous machines.

Sweet Dance (LA) – Free

Anyone looking for a more relaxing title, but still online, may like this option. Here, listening to music of different genres, you must show how to dance alone or in pairs. And, in order not to be repetitive, the game also features 5 different modes, reminiscent of classic games like Audition, Mstar or even LoveBeat.


Darkest Rogue – Free

Our recommendation for an offline title this week goes to the game, which as its name is already a rogue-like genre. In it, you must explore the interior of a dark prison to free the character from a curse and help him find the magic book called “Necronomicon”.

Beat Legend: AVICII – Free

The last title on our list is also a genre of rhythm, but it resembles Guitar Hero, Dj Hero or Rock Band. The great differential of the game, of course, is to bring 15 great successes from DJ Avicii, which even gives his name to the game.

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