The best vertical vacuum cleaners to buy in 2020

Vertical vacuum cleaners are a convenient and versatile cleaning solution, with their own characteristics that make them ideal for some users. Here we present the best wireless vacuum cleaners today so that you can make a good purchase.

Taking into account the price-quality ratio of each vacuum cleaner, as well as the main technical features and accessories included, these are 4gnews’ purchase recommendations.

Dyson V8 Absolute – best vertical vacuum cleaner

Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute

Suction power: 115 AW (airwatts)
Autonomy: up to 40 minutes
Capacity: 540 ml
Price: since € 499 on Amazon.ES

The best vertical vacuum cleaner on the market is the Dyson V8 Absolute thanks to the excellent suction power adjustable in two modes, excellent build quality and durability of materials. It is versatile and quickly becomes a hand vacuum.

It is available with 9 accessories in the box, and there is also a specific version for pets. The autonomy is good, it takes up to 5 hours to load, it weighs 2.63 kg, the filters are washable and to empty the tank we don’t need to get dirty.

For those looking for the upright vacuum cleaner with the best power, this Dyson is a safe buy.

SOGO ASP-SS-16120 – best cheap vacuum cleaner

Vertical Vacuum SOGO ASP-SS-16120

Suction power: 130 AW / 600 W (watts)
Autonomy: not applicable – 4.5 meter cable
Capacity: 800 ml
Price: since € 36 on Amazon.ES

THE SOGO SS-16120 is a cheap and good upright vacuum that can also be used as a hand vacuum. The degree of energy efficiency is A +, in addition to a washable HEPA filter and a second sponge filter at the air outlet for greater hygiene and cleanliness.

The waste deposit is large and easy to maintain, with a 4.5 meter vacuum cleaner with a good radius of action. It has some accessories such as brushes and tips, in addition to being rotatable by 180º for greater versatility in cleaning.

The power of this small vertical vacuum is 600 W, while the noise levels reach 80 dB, it is not silent. The brand guarantees that the product is suitable for cleaning all types of floors and surfaces.

Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – best value for money

Vertical Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Suction power: 100 AW
Autonomy: up to 30 minutes
Capacity: 500 ml
Price: since € 169 on Amazon.ES

Xiaomi has the best price-quality vacuum cleaner in Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, with simple and modern design, powerful motor and powerful suction with the system of 9 cyclones. The filtration system has 9 phases and the noise levels reach 72 dB.

The autonomy leaves something to be desired, oscillating between 20 to 30 minutes (max.) From the 2500 mAh battery, but it is equipped with various accessories such as the electric brush for mites, for fragile surfaces and different tips.

The wireless vertical vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi has 4 power levels and stands out for its simple design, in addition to the various accessories.

Bosch Unlimited Serie 8 – from the best upright vacuum cleaners on the market

Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Bosch Unlimited Serie 8

Wattage: not indicated – 18V battery
Autonomy: up to 60 minutes
Capacity: 400 ml
Price: since € 498 on Amazon.ES

THE Unlimited Serie 8 from Bosch is one of the best wireless vacuum cleaners on the market, standing out for being able to change batteries and thus continue to vacuum. It comes equipped with two 18 V batteries, compatible with various products of the German brand.

In addition to being full of accessories and tips in the box, the cordless vacuum cleaner has great autonomy, high power and excellent build quality, particularly the high-performance motor, weighing 2.9 kg, built in Germany.

It has two suction modes, normal and turbo, but it is not the vertical vacuum cleaner with the best power and produces 76 dB of noise.

Rowenta Air Force Flex 760 – best power

Rowenta Air Force Flex 760 vertical vacuum cleaner

Wattage: up to 180 AW
Autonomy: up to 75 minutes
Capacity: 800 ml
Price: since € 419 on Amazon.ES

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THE Air Force Flex by Rowenta is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners with adjustable suction power at 3 speeds, mainly due to the flexibility of the vertical vacuum. It is ideal for cleaning from the car to the hair dropped by pets.

Identified by model number RH9571, it has several accessories for greater versatility in cleaning. The air filtration is good, it weighs about 4 kg, the battery charge time is 2 hours and 30 minutes, while the noise produced is 81 db.

For those looking for the cordless vacuum cleaner with the best power and excellent autonomy, this is a good buy.

Hoover H-Free 100 – good value for money

Hoover H-Free 100 Vertical Vacuum Cleaner

Wattage: not indicated – 22V battery
Autonomy: up to 25 minutes
Capacity: 900 ml
Price: since € 119 on Amazon.ES

Hoover has H-Free 100 one of the best upright vacuum cleaners, worth mentioning for the large capacity of the tank, removable battery for possible replacement, LED lighting on the brush and various accessories included in the box.

It occupies the top spot on the top of vertical vacuum cleaners in terms of silence, producing only 41 dB of noise. Uses a 22V battery, with modest autonomy. The construction is robust with durable plastics and the weight is 2.6 kg.

It has 2 modes of operation and has a good price-quality ratio in the market where it operates.

Taurus Ultimate Lithium – affordable option

Vertical vacuum cleaner Taurus Ultimate Lithium

Wattage: 800 W – 22.9V battery
Autonomy: up to 40 minutes
Capacity: 650 ml
Price: since € 105 on Amazon.ES

Taurus has one of the best cheap and good wireless vacuum cleaners in the model Ultimate Lithium thanks to good autonomy, tank capacity and great versatility by having a 180º swivel joint. Can be used as a hand vacuum.

It has practical accessories such as nozzle brushes, in addition to the telescopic tube and the washable HEPA filter. The ease of assembly and disassembly of the accessories is quick and simple to perform, but we recommend some care with the plastics.

Autonomy is good, has two operating speeds and produces 78 dB of noise when vacuuming.

Oneday vertical vacuum cleaner – good cheap alternative

Oneday vertical vacuum

Wattage: 400W
Autonomy: not applicable (wired)
Capacity: 650 ml
Price: since € 61 on Amazon.ES

THE oneday it has some of the best upright vacuum cleaners on the market, cheap and good value for money, although they are not cordless, the cable is 10 meters long which results in a great range of action. The build quality is also good.

It is a lightweight vacuum cleaner with 1.5 kg, with various accessories, washable, durable filters and useful brushes. It has good suction power with 15 kPa, promising to be effective against allergens and very effective on all types of surfaces. Produces 75 dB of noise.

It brings 6 accessories, uses metal and plastic as the main building materials and can also be converted into a hand vacuum cleaner.

There are 2 types of vertical vacuum cleaners

1. Vacuum Cleaners wireless. They are powered by a rechargeable battery and in some cases removable, providing greater versatility and convenience. They usually have several modular accessories, but the autonomy rarely reaches an hour of cleaning.

2. Wired vacuum cleaners. They are cheaper than cordless vacuum cleaners and can clean just as well. However, when they have to be connected to an outlet, they are not so convenient, although they are light and, as a rule, also modular.

The A W or Air Wats are one of the metrics announced by the manufacturers of vertical vacuum cleaners and refer to the amount of energy (watts – W) consumed to transport an air unit from the nozzle / tip to the vacuum cleaner tank.

The indication of Watts (W) is another one of the metrics indicated by the manufacturers to refer to the power of the vacuum cleaners, such as the voltage (V) of the batteries.

Before you go, check out the best vacuum cleaners of each type to buy today. If you are looking for a more comfortable and autonomous solution, discover the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market, with options for various budgets.

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