The crazy cult bird is back

The crazy grouse is a cult! Who hasn’t even hunted grouse during their lunch break or after work and had a lot of fun doing it?

Hunt for fluttering prey
Now the crazy bird is back and has taken up residence at Jackpot. And now you can grab the gun and aim for great jackpot winnings in addition to the wild chicken! The Moorhuhn shooter represents a completely new type of jackpot game: with a little luck you will not only have fun with the game, but also with the hunt for fluttering prey. But aim carefully! Because the more grouse you catch, the higher your profit will be.

Play grouse shooter now

Extra profits attract
The shooter is triggered randomly. You then have to pick three locks on the chicken coop to get started. Once you have freed the virtual birds, you can start! You can see how many rounds your hunt will have by looking at the number of cartridges. If you manage to catch as many chickens as possible, the chances of great extra prizes are great – especially if you hit from far away.

And now go – prepare yourself for the funniest hunting trip ever and show the cackling birds who the best shooter is!

Play grouse shooter now

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