The Final Fantasy VII: Remake demo is now available, the icing on the cake of an indefatigable saga

The saga Final Fantasy expand your universe with the launch of Final Fantasy VII: Remake, a new version of the 1997 classic that uses nostalgia to dazzle its fans with an impressive cinematographic aesthetic.

Twenty-three years after the launch of the first game in the series for PlayStation, the Japanese company Square Enix dares with an expected remake that will be available to the players of PS4 from next April 10, one month later than planned.

To ease anxiety, fans of the series can now download the demo to play the first chapter and start savoring the most anticipated game. It has a weight of 7.59 GB and includes the initial episode of the game: the mission of the Mako N 1 reactor.

In order to offer “The best experience” To the players, the creators of the last title of the famous saga decided to delay its launch, which is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated of 2020.

They are Yoshinori Kitase, producer of the video game, and Naoki Hamaguchi, co-director and designer of the same, highlight, in an interview with EFE, the importance of the player and the need to create a video game that meets his “expectations”.

“We don’t feel pressure, but we do feel that we have to meet the expectations of the fans and give them what they are waiting for.”, explains Kitase, who started his career at Square Enix and, curiously, was director of the original game. Final Fantasy VII.

Along the same lines, Hamaguchi recognizes that the idea of ​​returning with a “remake” of the 1997 title supposes “a great responsibility” given the high expectations of the fans.

“We have people not only from Japan but from all over the world who are waiting for the game. These are many people who respect the game and who follow it from the first launch”, says Hamaguchi, who joined Square Enix in 2003 to develop Final Fantasy XII.

And he adds: “Since I joined Square Enix I have been involved in the saga Final Fantasy and each of the titles was a great project. What I think is different from the previous ones is the fact that the user has enormous expectations and is waiting for news regarding the original game, something that does not happen in other new titles in the saga. That’s pretty exciting. ”

As both explain, the game will keep the story and settings of the original title, but the aesthetic will, of course, be much more “modern”.. Some improvements already demonstrated through the launch, a few days ago, of the introductory video of the game in which the original beginning of Final Fantasy VII, but with surprisingly realistic aesthetics.

“Making a game from 20 years ago, with the new technology at our disposal, allows us to be much more expressive and represent history at a deeper level”, indicates Hamaguchi, who adds that it is “the power of technology” that will make “the player feel that he is facing something new and exciting”.

It is precisely the search for realism that, according to Kitase, became the biggest challenge when they took over the production of the video game: “The biggest challenge we faced was reimagining the world using the modern style of graphics we now have at our disposal.”.

“The idea was to go back and recreate the original story of Final Fantasy VII with those kinds of graphics that fans are now familiar with and deliver those realistic images. Doing that well was the hardest part, “adds the producer.

For his part, Hamaguchi again focuses on nostalgia and the player’s point of view to explain the challenges of the video game design and programming team: “As it is a remake, you had to take into account everyone’s perception of the Final Fantasy original and recreate it properly so as not to damage the image that people have of the past or their memory of the original game. That’s the hardest thing to get. “

While the 1997 title “did not even have voice actors”, as Kitase explains, the new 2020 version seeks to give the player “new content, surprises” and, above all, “enjoy” through aesthetics and tools, certainly associated with the cinematographic world.

“There is a great desire on the part of the team to create something very good”, concludes Hamaguchi when talking about a game, the new Final Fantasy VII: Remake, With which Square Enix, who has used all platforms and social networks to promote the title, has also wanted to be present at the video game fair PAX East 2020, held in Boston this last weekend of February.


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