The Instagram generation’s paradise


It may seem strange, but museums intended to offer you a dream setting for your photos do exist. And it works.

Pink palm trees, giant macaroons and a pool of pearls: the colorful decorations of the new Selfie Museum in Budapest are tailor-made to seduce the “Instagram generation” eager to take the stage on social networks. With nearly 30,000 visitors since its opening in December, the attraction, which claims to be the first of its kind in Europe, already ranks among the most popular sites in the Hungarian capital.

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A success for those under 30

Inspired by success similar establishments in the United States, the creators claim to target the younger generations in search of original decorations for their profile photos or their activities on social networks. ” We play with shapes, colors, and try to push the limits of visitors to let their creativity run free.“, Explains Lilla Gangel who imagined the place with her companion Balazs Koltai.

In the first of the eleven rooms, painted entirely in pink, visitors are greeted by giant palm trees – pink – and invited to sit on a banana – yellow -. They will then come across a plastic unicorn, neon colored banana curtains, a pool of multicolored pearls in which to immerse themselves. ” There are more and more media on the internet for sharing photos. This is the world we live in whether we like it or not“, Observes Ms. Gangel, 33 years old.

It is notably via social networks such as Instagram and Snapchat that the museum has become known. Most visitors are under 30, confides the creator of the place, like two teenage girls accompanied by their father, an Israeli visiting Budapest. ” They are typical teens, they love Instagram and photos“, Underlines the latter. Recently, however, a retired couple crossed the threshold of the museum chosen as the setting for the photos of their annual calendar, says Ms. Ganga.

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What if the younger generation, like Panka Major, an 18-year-old Hungarian student, finds that “ everyone is checking their phone at all times“, She also regrets that” no longer live in the present moment and instead, grab your phone to immortalize it“.

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