The “magic” app that shows you the time

Fortunately, today there are several services and apps for consulting the weather. In fact, obtaining data on time continues to be part of the TOP of Portuguese research.

In 2017 we presented on here a set of good apps for weather information, but it’s time to renew. To begin, let’s get to know the Yo Window app, which is available for various operating systems.

YoWindow: The app

Certainly we all always look for the apps we most identify with. Whether through the graphical interface, the functionalities, etc. The App that we present today is called Yo Window and allows you to see the weather information in a very funny way.

Animations are the feature that stands out in this app, and the user can customize with the image he wants. The YoWindow app can show any weather, sunrise, sunset and moon phase in a photo. For example, the view from your window. The information presented is quite simple to interpret.

But there is more! Scroll through the hours throughout the day and watch the weather change. Just slide your finger from left to right. The sun (in the app) sets at the same time as in the real world. The landscape changes 5 times a year to reflect the changing nature of your area.

See the YoWindow app on video

This app has high precision weather sources – Foreca (nowcasting), (, METAR, National Weather Service (NWS), Weather Underground, Open Weather Map. The forecast is based on data from national weather stations and foreign, radar and satellite images.

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For those looking for other types of apps, we suggest checking out our next article where you have the indication for good apps. All of them are free and provide very interesting information. If you have suggestions for other apps, leave them in the comments.

To get the app just go to on here.

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