The Smile Safari, the most “Instagrammable” museum in Belgium


The hunt for the perfect photo is on!

A museum like no other. Here there is no prohibition on touching or photographing the exhibits. On the contrary. At Smile safari, the very first Instagram museum in Belgium, visitors armed with their smartphones take the stage in colorful, fun and stylish settings, in order to capture the most “Instagrammable” photos, which will bring in a maximum of “likes”. In total, selfie fans have 30 different rooms to leave with the perfect shot: from a swimming pool filled with multicolored balls to a giant egg box, to a tub of tickets and a shaped surfboard. pizza.

In collaboration with Belgian artists and designers, the pop-up museum promises to be the Disneyland of Instagrammers, open until November 30 at Tour et Taxis.

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Smile Safari is not the first museum in the world where the selfie is king, but it is the largest in Europe. Other museums of this type already exist in the United States and, closer to home, in Budapest. With nearly 30,000 visitors since its opening last December, the Selfie Museum in the Hungarian capital has won over the “Instagram generation” eager to take the stage on social networks. ” I discovered the phenomenon abroad and found it fantastic. I waited for this to happen in Belgium, in vain. I then decided to take matters into my own hands ”, explains the founder of the Belgian ephemeral museum, Hannes Coudenys, in the pages of the magazine Bruzz. On the site of Smile safari, tickets are on sale at a price of € 21 for adults and € 17 for children under 16. A colorful outing, ideal for escaping the gloom.

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