These are the 4 functions that you do not know about WhatsApp

The first thing you have to take into account is that you can customize your WhatsApp. Yes, you can make it sound different from other contacts when your friend writes to you.

To activate this function and configure it, you just have to go to WhatsApp and open the conversation of the contact in question. Then I looked for the Notifications option. Within this section you can activate an option called Personalized notifications and set a different notification tone: cAncin or an audio clip you have on your device.

Write in bold, italics or strikethrough on WhatsApp

You can write in bold, crossed out and italic.

To write with these formats you must include the text to change between those symbols that you can find on the cell phone keyboard.

Also, WhatsApp has a favorite message option that can be very interesting to save messages. If you use this function the message will be highlighted and a star will simply appear next to it. If you enter that person’s profile you will see the option Featured messages.

Within this section will be all the messages that you have selected as highlighted.

WhatsApp also has a function that allows listen to audios privately without anyone knowing. You just have to play and put the phone to your ear as if you were on a phone call. The application will detect the situation with the light and proximity sensors and reproduce the sound through the call loudspeaker. Only you will listen to the audio.

These are the 4 WhatsApp tricks that you can use to improve your communication.


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