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A few years ago, during a discussion about astrology, my interlocutor blurted out at me “The moon moves the sea, but it doesn’t do anything to you, does it?”. From that day on, I look at this topic with another focus, always thinking that anthropocentrism (that which makes us believe that the world is made for us humans to live) does not prevent me from seeing the forest. On the other hand, it is an area where it is common to come across comments such as ‘Mars is going to harm you with your AFIP debts’ and one has trouble seeing the relationship.

But it turns out that the Zodiac is a band of the sphere in whichapparently the stars move. Something similar to the meridians and parallels that we both take into account when planting or forecasting the climate. This band is divided into 12 equal parts, which are the zodiac signs, which They are on the trace of the paths of the Sun, the Moon, and the planets.

Astrologers write that the astrology zodiac is not made up of the zodiacal constellations but by astrological signs. The first ones are star groups cut by the plane of Earth’s orbit projected into space, and the seconds are archetypes.

The thing is that we can use the global positioning, he exhaustive analysis of movements and the information of the people allowed by the constant tracking and chasing team that most of us carry all the time with whom we call smartphone, to be able to do this type of analysis in one more way personalized and elaborate.

Today we present to you las apps for horoscope and zodiac signs than best scores generated in their audiences.

Daily horoscope and zodiac signs

It is an app developed by Mail.Ru Group, rated as over 10 years, which has more than 10 million downloads on which they have obtained an average valuation of 4.7 stars in the Android app store.

In its description, the app highlights that it is for all the signs of the zodiac and displays the precision of its astrological predictions. Users applaud the possibility of follow the horoscope of your family, friends and partners, directly from the app.

Among its functions are the sending of astrological notifications regarding love, luck, health and the future. When I find these types of functions, my inner anthropocentrist appears to treat me as credulous, but if the comments of those who use the app are read, this is the function with which they are most satisfied, so beyond the scientific support that may have the app, users are satisfied with it.

Zodiac horoscope

Is about one of the most popular astrology apps on Google Play. So far it takes over a million downloads and users have given it a rating of 4.5 stars. Among its main characteristics you will find daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes, reports of compatibility with other signs of the zodiac, lucky numbers, recommendations on what colors They may be suitable for dressing every day and daily notifications to check your predictions.

Something interesting about this app is its commitment to the privacy of users– No special permission is required to install it, nor does it collect any personal information from users.

In the case of this app, some highlight the accuracy of predictions and others applaud them funny or motivating beyond whether they are fulfilled or not.

Amore test

Lower down but bordering the ranking it’s found Amore test, so far with more than 100,000 downloads and an average rating of 4.2 stars. The app promises a report of compatibility of the signs regarding the relations sentimental and the daily life. In this case they include messages motivational of the type ‘overcome difficulties and be happy in love’, more typical of blackmail speech linked to emotional marketing of coaching, which puts it in a place closer to the advination than science, but curiously the users applaud Also its precision, so it gives to suspect if it is divination or big data, since with the detailed information that can be had from people from a smartphone, very serious compatibility studies can be carried out.

Similarly, their developers respond personally good comments -something understandable but not acceptable, since all comments are valuable- which in my opinion adds many pointsYes, as a result of a development team concerned with user satisfaction, and that, when it comes to an app, is essential.

Among other functions, on its official page highlight:

  • C calculationsign compatibility and complete analysis
  • Sign compatibility in love, friendship and work
  • Features combined to your zodiac signlike its planet and its element
  • Your mood of the day: sensuality, kindness, patience and courage
  • Love horoscope and horoscope specific to your zodiac sign

Did you know them? Will you try them? Install them and tell us your experience!

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