These games are a lot of fun outdoors

Whether on the beach, in the park or in the garden at home: Children and adults have a lot of fun in the fresh air with outdoor games. The selection of games that can be bought online in different shops is huge. We give an overview and show what to look for when buying outdoor games.

This summer you can also have a lot of fun outdoors: In your own garden, in the park, by the lake or on the beach, you can have fun with great outdoor games. They are not only something for children, but adults will also find the right thing in the huge range: whether for sports, to practice their skills or simply for fun in group games outdoors. We have browsed in several shops and introduce you to various outdoor games that you can easily buy online. We also explain the basic rules and important purchase criteria.

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The classic among outdoor games: boules


Boule or bocce is a nice outdoor game that both children and adults can play in their own garden, on the beach or on a meadow in the park. The goal is to get as close as possible to the small target ball with your own balls. One knows, for example, the inexpensive ones that are filled with water. They are quite sufficient for short fun on vacation.

However, the boules set from Big Game Hunters, with which up to four people can play together, is of higher quality. It comes in a practical canvas carrying bag, in which the balls, the wooden target ball and the distance meter are safely stowed. Of the eight larger chrome steel balls, two are marked with the same pattern so that players can quickly recognize them. The balls for the outdoor game are also provided with rust protection, so that young and old have something of it for a long time.

Sporty outdoor toys: the slackline


Slacklining is a trend sport. A slackline is hung between two trees in the park so that you can balance on it. It stretches under the person and therefore behaves very dynamically. This requires constant active balancing of their own movement. The balance, coordination and ability to concentrate are thus trained. First and foremost, it’s fun to move outdoors on a slackline.

The slackline set by Buzzard made of slackline with fastening loop, tree protectors and an easy-to-use ratchet is made in Germany. The modern look in patchwork look pleases. The slackline is 15 meters long and five centimeters wide. Its tensile strength is very high with at least 2,300 decanewtons – it can carry about 2,300 kilograms. This makes it perfect for outdoor fun.

Varied outdoor group game: croquet


Croquet or croquet is an outdoor game in which you push colored balls with hammer-shaped bats through so-called gates in a predetermined order. The first person to complete the course from start to finish wins the game. Both adults and children can put the wire gates in the lawn in their own garden or in the park and the fun can begin.

The croquet set for up to six people from Gico convinces with its high-quality processing from solid wood from sustainable European cultivation. The scope of delivery includes everything you need for the outdoor game: rackets, balls, start and finish stick as well as ten goals made of stable metal. You also get a practical tote bag with which you can transport the entire croquet set. The outdoor game for young and old is also available in a smaller one to buy. You can also easily use the parcuors expand.

Great outdoor wooden game: Kubb or Viking chess


Viking chess, which is actually called Kubb (from the Swedish “Kubbar” = wooden block), is a group game for two to twelve players. The aim on the “battlefield” is to use a staff to first knock the opponents of the opposing team and finally the king by throwing them through the air. Great outdoor fun for families or friends on grass or sand, where skill and strategy are important. From this tactical part, the connection to chess probably comes.

The classic Viking chess from Carromco consists of six throwing sticks, a king (recognizable by the red crown), ten servants, four boundary rods for the playing field and a weatherproof carrying case. All parts of the outdoor game are made of plantation wood from the rubber tree. Particularly nice: The German manufacturer promises to pay attention to social and environmental compatibility in its products.

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A Finnish variant of Kubb is , another wooden game in which wedges are knocked over like cones to achieve a certain number of points.

Outdoor sports for two: badminton, badminton and crossminton


Everyone knows badminton: rackets are used by two children or adults to play badminton. The aim is to play the ball back and forth as often as possible without it falling on the floor. While this is more of a leisure game, badminton and crossminton are real sports: it is important to prevent the opponent from hitting the ball in accordance with the rules. Crossminton used to be called speed badminton: it is the outdoor version of the sport, the ball of which is less susceptible to wind and where you do not need a net.

The Vicfun Speed ​​Badminton Set offers everything you need for it: two aluminum rackets, three balls and a practical bag for transport. It is suitable for recreational players and can be used anywhere. On vacation, for example, it’s perfect for the beach and garden. There is a special one for children to buy with shorter clubs that increase the marksmanship and promise more fun for the boys.

Practical badminton set


For those who prefer to play together rather than against each other, we recommend the set of Schildkröt badminton for four people: With the outdoor group game, young and old can have fun together. Thanks to the practical carry bag, you can easily take the toy anywhere.

More outdoor games for young and old

Not only boules, croquet, kubb or a slackline and badminton are great outdoor games for children and adults. You can also have a lot of fun in the fresh air with a ball, a table tennis set or water pistols. That is why we have put together more outdoor toys for you from various shops:

Our conclusion

There are many outdoor games to buy that children and adults can enjoy outdoors. The advantage of the large selection in the online shops: there is something for everyone. If you want to play a group game with your family or friends, you can do so or on. If you want to do sports in the fresh air, one is recommended . Our favorite is the nice wooden game , because it can be used almost anywhere and up to twelve people can have fun with it.

What should you look for when buying outdoor games?

If you want to buy outdoor games, you should first pay attention to their processing: The material of the products must be suitable for being used in nature and maybe getting wet. Good quality and robust workmanship are therefore important. In addition, you have to be able to transport the outdoor toy well, for example to take it to the park, the beach or on vacation. As with all games, you should make sure that they are age-appropriate and how many people they are suitable for.

What is important when playing outside in the Corona period?

Corona restrictions are now being relaxed in many places, so that outdoor games can be played in parks or on the beach and no longer just in your own garden. However, you should always inform yourself about the current situation and always keep a minimum distance of 1.5 to 2 meters. If necessary, you should choose a secluded meadow or a quiet stretch of beach. If you follow these rules, nothing stands in the way of having fun outdoors.

How do you get spare parts for outdoor games?

With board games and the like, replacements for lost or broken parts of toys can often be obtained directly from the manufacturer, sometimes even free of charge. With outdoor toys it can be worthwhile to browse through the assortment of different shops online – sometimes there are individual parts of the outdoor games to buy. But here too there is the possibility to contact the manufacturer of the product directly.

Where does the name Viking Chess come from for the outdoor game Kubb?

In this country Kubb is also known as Viking chess or Viking game. These terms are similar to badminton and badminton: Kubb stands for sport, Viking chess for the more sociable outdoor game. The term Viking Chess comes from the fact that the game was most likely already played and made known by the Vikings. The second part of the name, chess, probably comes from the strategic-tactical component of the game.


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