They sell a 1985 Mario Bros cartridge and it’s officially the most expensive game in the world

Collectors can always pay a little more. And this time, an original cartridge of Super Mario Bros. of Nintendo NES, launched in 1985, officially became the most expensive video game in the world: $ 114,000.

The game was sold at auction this Friday in Heritage Auctions and raised the bar for expensive, rare and collectible games to a record. After 29 disputes, a collector ended up taking it for that price.

Although the final buyer wanted to remain anonymous, what can be said is that it beat the previous record, which was also for another similar cartridge, but at $ 100,150. Before that, the brand had a copy of Megaman, also from NES, from 1987, which had been sold last year for $ 75,000.

The rationale for why this one was worth more than the previous one, if they were in similar conditions, has to do with the score given at the collecting level. The latter obtained a 9.4 out of 10, which means that it was almost in perfect condition: original box, original packaging, “sealed”, that is, never opened.

Super Mario Bros: auction at Heritage Auctions.  (Heritage)

Super Mario Bros: auction at Heritage Auctions. (Heritage)

The official explanation of the auction house Heritage

Heritage Auctions explained the price of the cartridge:

What is the theme with the cardboard “labels” on the box? It is understandable that one wonders. Cardboard “hang” labels were originally used on test copies of black box sets [como se ve en la imagen] in the American market, before plastic was used to seal each set.

As Nintendo began establishing its company in the US, its packaging was updated almost continuously. Interestingly, the addition of the plastic wrap occurred before the box cut die was modified to remove the cardboard hang tag. This made the functionality of the cardboard hanging board completely useless as it was under the plastic seal.

In addition, the auction house explained that there are different versions of this box:

This is the original cartridge of Super Mario Bros, inside the box.  (NES)

This is the original cartridge of Super Mario Bros, inside the box. (NES)

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There are four sub-variants of the sealed plastic cardboard box (this particular copy of Super Mario Bros. is the “Code 3” variant) that were produced within the span of a year. Each sub-variant of the black cardboard hanging box, produced within that time frame, had a production period of only a few months; a drop in cash compared to overall title production.

In short, a cardboard copy of any Nintendo Entertainment System game gives it a certain “vintage” feel to its successors.

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And although the price may seem really exaggerated, the world of collecting already had its chapters when it comes to video games. Not long ago a collectible card was sold from Pokemon at $ 195,000.

And the prototype of the Nintendo Playstation, which never came onto the market -and which later meant the break between Sony and Nintendo-, It sold for $ 360,000.



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