This application assesses the quality of fish with Artificial Intelligence

Technology sometimes shows us quite unusual applications. Such is the case with Tuna Scope, an app created by a Japanese sushi restaurant chair, with a function: to assess the quality of the fish for meal preparation.

Preparing sushi at the catering level requires years of preparation on the part of people, in order to recognize good fish and assess its quality. However, this application promises to smooth that job. The app uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze thousands of images.


The images in question are tuna tails, a part of the fish that has relevant information about its quality. The application classifies tuna in 5 categories, from the color of the fish meat to the fat layers. These are indications of the quality of a fish, according to experts.

According to the tests, the application was able to successfully analyze the quality of the fish most of the time. According to sushi chef and instructor Keiko Yamamoto, this application is important for the continued assessment of fish for sushi.

This is because the older generations are not passing on knowledge to the younger generations. Therefore, it is good that the technology is helping to evaluate the fish for creating high-quality sushi meals.

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