This is how Chrome will alert on Android if you browse quick pages

On mobile devices, the experience of using Internet access depends on many factors. As a rule, it is not a stable connection, but there is still all dependence on the side of the pages and services.

With a single bet in this field, Google wants to alert users when they navigate to sites that are fast and will provide excellent navigation. For this, and soon, there will be an important notification for users.

Chrome Android Fast Internet Pages

Even more information in Chrome

In addition to creating the technologies that make the Internet faster, Google has invested a lot in its browser, especially in the mobile version. Chrome is today an essential browser on Android and a cornerstone when it comes to these browsers.

To make it even better, Google will soon start presenting a novelty in its interface. It will be simple and quick to know if the page you are going to open is fast or if what awaits you is a less positive experience.

Chrome Android Fast Internet Pages

Quick pages will get a notification

This novelty, which may seem simple and meaningless, will be very important for users. When clicking on any link on a page they are visiting, a new option will be shown, indicating whether the page is fast.

Based on that information, the user can then decide whether to open that link or look for the same information on other pages. This information will be obtained from Google, based on the periodic tests you do on Core Web Vitals.

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Chrome Android Fast Internet Pages

That’s how it activates on Android

Anyone who wants to test this novelty just needs to have Chrome Beta for Android and activate a specific flag. Called “Context menu performance info and remote hint fetching”, it should be passed to Enable, then relaunching the browser.

From that moment on, and whenever you post it, the user can see the ranking of the page that will open. It will then be up to you to decide whether to move forward or look for information on faster pages.

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