This physicist is trying to find the theory that ties all aspects of physics together

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Physicist and entrepreneur Stephen Wolfram has just launched a major challenge: finding a new fundamental theory of physics. To this end, he created a project that calls on scientists or anyone with knowledge of physics to develop the theory.

A physics project of all splendor

Stephen Wolfram, physicist, computer scientist and entrepreneur, believes that the Universe is a vast network of growing relationships that makes up space and everything it contains. In this context, Wolfram sees the basis of the ultimate theory that underpins the whole physical law. The physicist had already expressed a similar theory 18 years ago in a paper entitled ” A New Kind of Science ” But at the time, his theory was still a little vague. Now he thinks he has found a more precise vision of how to explain reality. ” I am delighted to say that I think we have found a path to the fundamental theory of physics “He wrote in a summary document published April 14.

The physicist thus thinks that he has found a framework which unifies general relativity, quantum mechanics and all that we know about physics. He also thinks that when we find the link between all these elements, we will finally have found the model of our Universe. To find this link, Wolfram thus launched the project ” The Wolfram Physics Project “, Which he describes as” a project to find the fundamental theory of physics ” As part of this project, Wolfram will not be the only one to participate since he invites everyone to submit an idea.

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A well-stocked starting point

Regarding the background and form of the project, it exposes the theories of its creator and provides all the documentation that justifies his claims that he has already progressed in the understanding of space, time and the nature of particles. elementary. Basically, the project involves creating graphical-type models of many possible universes, as defined by rules that determine how the model evolves. As the graphics become more complex, this will generate phenomena that deserve to be studied in depth.

So at the heart of Wolfram
is the notion of hypergraph. In this context, graphs are schematic representations of a network of lines connecting points. But reality cannot be translated by lines connecting dots on a flat sheet of paper, Wolfram decided to use computer visualizations to represent relationships in hypergraphs.

To develop the basics of his project, Wolfram notably had the help of two students: Jonathan Gorard and Max Piskunov. To help the project volunteers, Wolfram and his collaborators posted videos totaling 430 hours on the Internet in addition to the 800-page summary document. The physicist also occasionally shares his ideas directly via livestream videos on Twitch. For those who are interested in the Wolfram Physics Project, they can participate by contacting Wolfram and his collaborators via the site web dedicated to the project.


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