TikTok completely disappears from the Play Store and App Store in India!

ByteDance (owner of TikTok), gave in to pressure from the Indian government and voluntarily withdrew the application from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Recently, India started encouraging the disuse of TikTok, even creating a list of 59 apps to ban, where the popular application / social network was included.

Through Twitter, TikTok warned its users of what happened, indicating that it will suspend the application for now. However, the directors of TikTok will meet with members of the Indian government to clarify suspicions of espionage, so that they can restore the operation of the app in Indian territory.

Apparently, the Indian government has asked TikTok and the other banned applications to issue an explanation, detailing the data policies and their intentions. This effort is part of an attempt to ban apps that could be detrimental to India’s national security, according to his government.

TikTok is blocked in India for now

When the app disappeared from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, users who already had the app installed could continue to use TikTok. However, shortly afterwards, the app was completely blocked, where users receive notice of the app blocking by the Indian government.

Therefore, for now TikTok is completely unavailable in India. The only way for an Indian user to access the application is through the use of a VPN, which simulates the connection through another country, by alternative servers.

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